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2023 Solar Car Challenge - Race Day 1 - Fort Worth, TX to Snyder, TX

Today, we were finally able to start off on the cross country road course! Ironically, our solar car race began under heavy clouds and ultimately around 10 minutes of rain before we were able to head far enough West to get out of the clouds that were moving East. CCA was the first team to be waved out of the starting gates with the Green Flag by Morgan (Caraway) Rush who was the official race ambassador for Oncor Electric Delivery who is one of the Title Sponsors of the Solar Car Challenge,. Morgan is a former founding member and alumni of the CCA Solar Car team!

While we had some mechanical issues that set us back by approximately 2 hours and 8 minutes, we still completed ~141.2 miles and placed 2th in our division of 15 cars that had completed scrutineering.. Providentially, we had spare parts on hand to complete our repairs and get back on the road. For context, we were able to drive 108% more miles on this day's course than we had been able to complete in 2018 with our original solar car. Additionally, on June 24, 2023, we had completed the entire 182.5 drivable miles of this day's course when we did not have any mechanical breakdowns.


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