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2022 Solar Car Challenge - Race Day 3

On July 19th, during Race Day 3 of the Solar Car Challenge, the CCA Solar Car Advanced Classic Division team placed 2nd in our division. We were able to complete 105 laps at Texas Motor Speedway, which is equivalent to 157.5 miles driven over the six hours race period, averaging 26.25 miles per hour. This day simultaneous brought both extreme temps near 110 degrees and much higher than normal winds of 15+ miles per hour out of the South. The extreme temps tested our hydration strategy, while the high winds created unusually high head winds for our solar car when traveling South down the front straight.

The morning began again with the team getting our car out of the garage shortly after 6:30 a.m. and setting the array on maximum tilt, so that we could continue recharging the batteries after heavily depleting them during the prior day's race.

Sebastian Sandoval and Max Domininguez drove the car during the morning session and Kayson Hergert drove it during the afternoon session.

During the mid afternoon, with actual temps reaching 110 degrees, the heat index was 113 degrees. Both the driver and all team members, were drinking significant amounts of water to stay hydrated. All in all, we were able to manage this extreme heat safely and reliably.


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