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2022 Solar Car Challenge - Race Day 4

On July 20th, during Race Day 4 of the Solar Car Challenge, the CCA Solar Car Advanced Classic Division team placed 1st in our division. We were able to complete 114 laps at Texas Motor Speedway, which is equivalent to 171 miles driven over the six hours race period, averaging 28.5 miles per hour. By day 4, I think everyone was starting to feel the cumulative effects of 14 hour days in the triple digit summer heat and was honestly hoping for a safe and reliable run today, that would allow us to bring home 1st place in the Advanced Classic Division again for 2022. The Lord smiled on us again this year and we were able to win back-to-back national championships in the Solar Car Challenge Advanced Classic Division!

Prior to the race start, we attended our final All Teams meeting in the morning, where the Solar Car Challenge staff provides guidance to the teams and awards the trophies for the prior day first place winners.

Langan starts out driving the first shift of the morning leg of the race and then Ellia finishes out the morning. Kayson, drives the last and final leg of the race in the afternoon. It is both the last leg of the race and Kayson's last drive of the CCA Solar Car, before she enters Texas A&M in a few weeks to study mechanical engineering.

Shortly after we finish the last day of the race in 110 degree heat, a thunderstorm moves in from the North and starts to cool things down and bring a light amount of rain to some areas nearby.


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