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2022 Solar Car Challenge - Scrutineering Phase

We lined up outside Texas Motor Speedway before dawn on Thursday, July 14th to begin the check-in and 3 day scrutineering process for the two cars that the CCA Solar Car team has entered into this year's Solar Car Challenge. Scrutineering is a solar car term of art, that is sort of a qualifying process to confirm that our solar cars are safe and comply with all the rules.

Once we were able to get our cars checked in and unloaded, we began the three long day process of scrutineering and making refinements to the cars to get them ready for the race. Sadly, our Advanced Division car (the one with the blue front end treatment) suffered a motor failure during the tracking testing phase of scrutineering and since we did not have a spare motor, we were not able to compete it in this year's race.

During Media Day, our team was interviewed by both the Earth X TV team and by a Oncor Electric Delivery team member. Oncor is one of the Title Sponsor's of the 2022 Solar Car Challenge.


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