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Solar Car Team Update - For the Week of 2/2/2020

Highlights Of What We Accomplished Since The Last Update

  • Saturday, February 1st

  • CAD Training: Jake, Kayson, Zachary, Ryder, Chris, and Charles met with Mrs. Davis at CCA and covering Lesson 5 Drawing, which was the final lesson in the planned training

  • Team workday at the solar car shop - Tommy, James, Emma, and Ellia met with Shannon, Brian, and Mark and continued construction on the new car (see photos below).

  • Continued forming the front bulkhead for the leg pass thru / dashboard.

  • Created end plates for the roll bar that were match drilled to the frame and tacked to the roll bar

  • Continued wiring up of the 48 volt main power system for the new car on the stand alone test stand that we are building

  • Sunday, February 2nd

  • Team workday at the solar car shop - Jake and Chris joined Shannon, Brian, and Pete and continued construction on the new car (see photos below).

  • We discussed what if any changes that we wanted to make to the side crush zones for the new car, relative to the Advanced division car that we built last year.

  • We took careful measurements and prepared some sketches of what the dimensions need to be for the new crush zone components.

  • Shannon plans to use this information during the week, to purchase an additional 4’x8’ sheet of 0.063” aluminum and get them to sheer it using their 8’ hydraulic sheer to the dimensions that we need.

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