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2018 Solar Car Challenge (SCC) - Competition Day 7 - Twentynine Palm, CA to Palmdale, CA

Today was a bittersweet day of solar car racing. On the one hand, we were very excited to have reached the final leg of this 7 day cross country event. However, on the other hand, nostalga was also setting in that this would be the final day of what had been a long 6 month journey of preparing our car and team for this event and that it would soon be over with.

Today's road course was somewhat shorter than the day before and had numerous required trailering sections due to ongoing road construction and sections where there was not sufficient shouldering space to allow for safe passing of our cars by the passenger traffic. However, this allowed us more time to enjoy the scenery and soak up the final moments of the race. All in all, we still placed 2nd place for the day in our division!

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