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2018 Solar Car Challenge (SCC) Scrutineering - Day 1

Today began with a flurry of activity as we check our solar car into the garage at Texas Motor Speedway and started the exhaustive battery of safety test that the SCC has developed over the past 25 years to make sure that these cars are going to be safely road worthy for the 1,500 mile journey ahead!

Later in the day, an engineer from Texas Instruments came by to visit with our team. Texas Instruments is an official sponsor of the Solar Car Challenge. Today they were backing up this financial support with a visible boots on the ground presence by sending over a young engineer who shared with us that several years back he had been a team member for the Coppell Solar Car team. His participation in that team is what ultimately fostered his interestin later majoring in mechanical engineering in college. He said that his experience in the Solar Car Challenge both helped him get into engineering school and land his first job at Texas Instruments!

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