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Solar Car Team Update - For the Week of 2/10/2020

Highlights Of What We Accomplished Since The Last Update

  • Saturday, February 8th

  • CAD Training: Kayson, Zachary, Ryder, Chris, and Charles met with Mrs. Davis on Saturday morning at CCA to start the first lesson for the CSWA certification. In the afternoon, they joined Mark Rose and Brian Rush at the solar car workshop to work on preparing the electrical and mechanical CAD drawings that are required for our Solar Car Challenge registration filing that is due by 3/1/2020.

  • Sunday, February 9th

  • Team workday at the solar car shop

  • Earlier during the week, Shannon purchased an additional 4’x8’ sheet of 0.063” aluminum at Metal Supermarket in Fort Worth and had them sheer it into the dimensions that we determined on Feb 2nd were needed for the side crush zones.

  • Jake joined Shannon and Brian and continued construction on the new car (see photos below).

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